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The number of times a word is displayed in a body of text can be found by using the ‘Word Counter’ tool. You can count the number of words or number of characters very easily. If you copy and paste a document into the textbox presented by the tool, you will find useful statistics about words and their repetitions. It is very much important to find the word count of files before posting on your site. Google Panda, the word count should be at least 350 to 500 words. The SEO aspect can be addressed efficiently when you use the best Word Counter tool.

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The search engine optimization can be done great by using various kinds of tools. You can optimize keywords easily when you are aware of the word count. You can target more keywords and there will be good results. The blog administration can be done efficiently when you manage many kinds of tools. The quality of links should be analyzed. That can be performing by Link analyzer. The productivity is much enhanced through the deployment of right kind of tool. The productivity will improve when you use automated tool as you will increase the frequency of new blog posts quickly. As you find the frequency of crucial words, the frequency can be adjusted. If there is more number of same words, they can be replaced with synonyms. The future content can be planned efficiently by making use of the information provided by the tool. You will save time and money by using the best Word Counter tool. You can enter the URL of the webpage whose word count is required and the count will be known quickly. The guidelines given by a search engine can be followed greatly when you are aware of the word count.

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