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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Robots TXT Generator is a text file. It will be placed in the root directory. It tells search engine spiders. Search engine and other robots will be guided by the txt generator. They will have a direction to visit various parts of the website. There will be one robot and one root directory in your website. In order to enhance the security of your website, you should place files in protected directory. You should not trust robots.txt file to do the job. If you use Robots TXT Generator, robots.txt file can be quickly generated. Search engines will index your page properly by visiting the robots.txt file. Major search engines will crawl every page of your website as the robots.txt will guide them properly. If you would like to exclude some files, you should include them in the robots.txt file and it be uploaded to the root directory.

Representative Online Robots.txt Generator

There are some pages which you might want to exclude. These pages include login pages, contact page, privacy policy, internal areas, media files and image folders. If there are some files which you do not like to give public access, you can indicate them by using the tool. To include a connect to an XML Sitemap Generator data, copy/paste or key in the complete sitemap documents’ complete URL right into the defined message box, after that pick 'Update' to include this command to the robots.txt data checklist.

 Files should be hidden individually in each subdirectory so that the hiding will take place in a efficient manner. You should understand the fact that by using robots.txt, your website will not be made secure. It will not give protection from bad bots. There is no protection to sensitive areas of your website. You can implement other kinds of techniques so that you will be able to enhance the protection of your website. Robots TXT Generator used to guide search engines. SEO professional will use the tool so that your website’s performance is very much enhanced in search results.  


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