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About Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density denotes the percentage of occurrence of keywords to the text in the rest of the webpage. The keyword density should be maintained as per the guidelines given by various search engines. It should not be too low in which case; the keyword will not be recognized by the search engine. It should not be too high in which case; the search engine might penalize your website. A Keyword Cloud is an aesthetic representation of key phrases made use of on a website. You should maintain correct ratio to the content present on the page. If there is intentional over-optimization, it will lead to drastic results. There might be temporary or permanent ban of your website if the optimization is not done in a proper way. The keyword density analysis tool should be used by SEO professionals so that they will be able to promote the website in the best possible way. You should choose the best tool and it should be upgraded at regular intervals so that high-quality results are delivered at all times. Google Malware Checker uncovers malware on every website you check out including your own solution blog.

Keyword Density Formula

By using a high-quality Keyword Density Checker, you will be able to find the density. After tracing the density, you can further optimize the content as per the search engine needs. Thus, it is possible to ensure that WebPages will perform in the best possible way by implementing the right ratio of keywords. You should go through tips offered by experts so that over-optimization can be avoided. In some cases, you are required to use synonyms so that the same word will not be repeated beyond certain times in a webpage In order to check the keyword density, you should want to enter the URL and the text in the designated textbox. You can include images and titles as well in the tool as per your needs.

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