Smart way to determine the TF, CF Metrics Level

12/29/2017 12:00 PM by Vinoth in Seo

Nowadays Google gives various importance to the metrics like citation flow, Trust flow or domain authority for page ranking factor. Trust flow, citation flows are the metrics that tell about the trust or quality of the particular site. These metrics are hard to determine, so that, the software was designed by companies like Majestic and Moz that are useful for examining links.

Smart way to determine the TF, CF Metrics Level

Definitions of Trust flow:

Trust Flow evaluates how credible a website by determining its quality. If a link indicating your site is qualitative and authoritative, then your trust flow would be an increase.

Metric developed to choose how credible a link and it depends on the Quality of backlinks indicating the website. If the quality of backlinks would be worse than the trust flow also will be lower on your site. If there are reliable, credible backlinks to your site, then you may get the higher trust flow value. The Trust flow can be calculated by how far your specific location is from being connected with the set of trusted quality websites.

Definitions of Citation flow:

Citation Flow describes the popularity of a link in a website without thinking about the quality of these links. If the more domains are indicating a post, then it could get more impression prominent. You could take an example for citation flow as porn sites. These sites might not have the qualitative links but they are well-liked, and they have thousands of links pointing to them, so these sites have greater citation flow number.

Relationship & Importance of CF and TF

Both TF and CF are interconnected metrics, and they are elements of the flow metrics. The flow metrics are express in the numbers from 0 to 100.The flow metrics are updated daily, and they are little hard to calculate, but it is the essential factor for the rank of a webpage.

 If CF value increased then automatically TF also increase, but the rate of change does not same for both these metrics. Trust Flow is used to find the level of organic visits to a site. The Higher TF reveals numerous HQ backlinks that is the essential ranking aspect of Google. Citation flow determines the significance of link on a website by taking the number of backlinks into factor. Usually, trust flow is considerably lower than the citation flow.It is obvious that the site has lower quality with the considerable quantity of backlinks.

Available bulk TF, CF, IP checker tool

You could check TF, CF and IP address by utilizing our bulk tf cf checker. By using this tool, you could check your links Up to 20 at a time and meanwhile get CF and TF metrics results in digital form within seconds. The level of TF and CF metrics can range from 0 to 100.

- Choose the 20 Domains and listed it one by one in the box – any format like,,

- Tick options are available for your availability (TF, CF & IP address) to check any specific separately. Just enable the option and click submit button.

- Fraction of seconds will get you the new result page with column table output are displayed in round off format value ( 23/100)

Hope many users can able to get benefit with this bulk tf cf checker and meantime will add more features in future. Kindly refer this to your friend circle too whom as required of this.


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