How to Fix White Screen Death in WordPress

12/21/2017 3:30 PM by Kayalvizhi in Seo

Every WordPress users attempt the “white screen death” at once or many times. It’s hurt when it occurs, it is a commonly trouble-free to fix. This disgusting error creates your whole site decline. We are giving some common causes of the white screen of death – from plugins to PHP and beyond. If your site affected by the white screen death, don’t tick it away yet. Need to get back to your website. Read here to clear a white screen issue.

What is the White Screen Death?

Sometimes WordPress is not running correctly and obtains a white screen death appears. Whenever visitors check your website, it displays entirely blank white screen. It’s not a single error, the most approved sources are

Plugin compatibility concerns

Theme compatibility concerns

Apart from that intimate overhead, it is entirely workable that your website is strike PHP memory limit.

Examine for Plugin compatibility Concerns

To check if plugins are affected by this issue

Remove all plugins in your site

And then activate all plugins separately

Alter the actuated plugins backend key

Method 1: PLUGINS

If deactivate and reactivate plugins are not fit your dashboard. Attach your site through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Join your WordPress website with FileZilla or FTP program. Navigate the WordPress files and open the wp-content document. Plugins are locating inside the wp-content folder.

Find the plugin, white screen death page appeared just before which plugin was working and delete it. This time, if you don’t want that plugin don’t remove it just renames that plugin. Then go back and refresh your website. Now surely the white screen death page was gone and you can able to login WordPress.

Method 2: THEMES

Join your browser via FTP and deactivate all themes again reactivate themes one by one. Then write a rename for all themes. You can activate only one theme at same time. If you don’t need to rename the entire theme folder. Instead of browsing theme folder and attach an old name to end the folder name.

Raise the PHP Memory Limit. Without host help, you can’t able to increase the memory limit when you shared cheap hosting. Edit two files for increase memory limit there are



Permit the WordPress to debug process. Easily you can recognize simple issues by allowing WordPress debug mode. Ex: define (‘WP_DEBUG', true);

Method 3: CODE

Your website code was smashed then WordPress site not working properly. So you’ll check the code file and edit it. Open the wp-content themes folder located and go to the current WordPress site theme page and open it. Check the functions.php and upload the correct functions.php file. It can be the original version came from your theme. Copy this real version in your hard drive safely. A good method to stay away from white screen death problem use child themes.

Unspecified Causes

Suppose you use a caching plugin for improve your site load time. But you can’t ratify the cache problem because the WordPress is not working now. Connect to your web host and solve the corrupted files and server down issues.

Easy Method: Rename the index.html file to index.html.blk

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