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Alexa traffic rank tool will help you improve the performance of your website. Alexa rank is based on three months of traffic data. The data includes page views and users’ reach as well. Millions of users depend upon Alexa Toolbar. Your website’s popularity can be checked by using the Alexa Rank Checker. The traffic on your website can be monitored in a efficient way. If you visit website, you will get search engine, directory and toolbar services. You will find an important parameter, Alexa traffic rankings. In fact, most of the visitors will visit the site to know this parameter.  Connection between hosting and website file can easily understand by fast process of domain name change into IP address format by using Domain into IP Tool.

Watching a website's Alexa Rank

You can use the simple Bulk Alexa Rank Checker so that 100 domains can be checked in one shot. You will paste all the links in the textbox and click on the ‘check Alexa Rank’ button so that the results will be displayed immediately. You will be able to export results through CSV file so that you can keep a record of your results for future reference. By using Bulk Alexa Rank Checker, you will check the performance of many websites. Thus, you can save lot of time, effort and money in this direction. There is great difference between Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank. In case of Google’s Page Rank, a website may rank top but fail to attract sufficient traffic. A website’s popularity is not absolute when it is based on Page Rank. In order to provide rankings on the reach and number of page views for sites on the web will be done on daily basis. The rank will give the number of visitors and the number of pages visited by users. The change will be noticed by comparing the current rank with the rank provided three months back.

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