02/22/2017 12:00 AM

Onpage Tricks is dedicated to providing a useful and latest information about SEO, Blogging, Infographics, Tech Gadgets and SEO Software Reviews. There is no guarantee for the accuracy or completeness of information.

If there are any errors or omissions, the owner of the website is not responsible. Users are required to verify the information and use it for their benefit. The content will be provided by various authors. They reflect the opinion of authors and need not reflect the concerns of admin.

The information presented on the website should not be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the owner. The content presented on the website is not targeted to misrepresent facts or figures. There will not be any attempt to malign any individual, group, organization or business entity.

We use advertisements as a means of promotion and give access to ad servers to post ads on our website. Advertisers will use some technology such as cookies and web beacons so that they will be able to collect crucial information about users and gadgets. The IP address, OS, browser type, location and other information will be accessed so that the information will be used to serve the needs of users. Visitors’ behavior will be tracked and information that is relevant to users will be posted as per their needs. The information will be used to present ads as per the geographical location.

The information collected on the website will also be used to give personalized experience. The improvement of the site will be achieved. There will be better customer service and periodic emails will be sent to users as per their preferences.

Protection of information

The information collected from users and visitors will be protected by implementing robust ways. Best data collection, storage, and processing systems are implemented so that unauthorized access will be prevented. Alteration, the disclosure of information and destruction of personal information will be done to protect the interests of visitors, users and customers.

The privacy policy on the website will be updated at any point of time. It is the responsibility of the visitor or user of the website to be aware of the risk in the collection, storage and processing of the data. The guidelines are subject to change periodically and it is the responsibility of the user to go through the updated information.

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