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17th June 2015


OnpageTricks.com presents useful and innovative information about the Search engine optimization, blogging, link building, social media and relevant news will be presented in unique style. It offers more seo tools to check the blog metrics and it's very helpful to improve the blog's perfomance. Informational content on technology will be posted at regular intervals. Get latest updates that shape your future.


You will learn how to blog through step by step procedure. Easy to follow methods are implemented to make the most of your time. Get tips on how to create a new blog and generate revenue through efficient blogging.

Link Building:

The link building is crucial to promote your website. We offer highly efficient tips and tricks so that the SEO juice can be created right from the scratch. By choosing authoritative sites and building links tactfully, the page rank of your site will be very much enhanced.

Off page SEO:

Best off page SEO tips and techniques are shared here. Your personal or official website will get a facelift by following the proven tips. Save time and optimize your online performance with efficient implementation of Offpage SEO.

Social Media:

It is a great privilege for online business marketers. By using the connections established by users, the promotion of the site will be done very easily. it is possible to spread news very quickly. you can follow us on social media sites including Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. With active online presence, you will be able to make the most of your investment. you will get the prompt response from onpagetricks.com and the information can be shared with your friends in your network.


Various tools and freebies are offered to save your online time. These tools can be used to improve your productivity in personal as well as public life. We allow others to share the freebies tools in a comment section.


Infographics usage has increased in the past few years. The information presented in pictorial form will be captured by human brain very quickly as there will be implicit understanding. It is possible to expose your ideas to others very efficiently. You will understand about latest developments as well.

Authors Of Onpage Tricks

Actually, the site onpagetricks.com has multiple authors, so you can get the updated info’s from several SEO experts and internet marketers.


Manikandan is a man of his dreams and blogging obsessed male from the Southern region of India. Eager to fulfill his hunger in OnpageTricks.com.

He is an Internet Marketer and passionate blogger to develop the mastery and plan to work for future beyond surfing the internet infallibly. He wants to elaborate his blogging experience, On Page and Off Page tricks to the readers.

Manikandan is very humorous guy love to drink a Cup of Tea for refreshing. Apart from this, He likes to roar on the roads, chatting with my besties and having fun with those idiotic friends of my life.

With your Love and Support, He will provide all this Thoughts and Techs to his Readers.

Hearty Thanks to all the Readers!!

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